JES Students Plant Carrots!

JES Students Plant Carrots!
Posted on 09/10/2019

Jouett Elementary students have been very busy this school year working in their very own garden at the school!

For the past couple of days, students have taken turns planting carrots as part of their STEAM class. STEAM classes are hands-on, engaging courses that emphasize science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics.

In the week leading up to the planting process, students glued tiny carrot seeds to strips of paper. The strategy allows the seeds to be buried into the soil in neat rows.

Carrots take about two months to harvest. During that time, students will be in charge of monitoring the seeds and working the garden.

Jouett Elementary School STEAM teacher Jim Snider said the school’s garden has helped students develop a deeper love for learning.

Their hands get dirty as they see the soil prepared and the seeds planted,” Snider said. “The students get to enjoy the results of their efforts and learning. It could be one of the best lessons lessons I’ll have a chance to teach.” 

Jouett Elementary’s garden has been a huge success! It includes radishes, lettuce, potatoes, and more!

Snider said he particularly enjoys the sense of pride students develop after harvesting crops they have planted and tended to for weeks on end.

“This opportunity helps my students understand that — just by using their hands and their brains — they have the power to change our world,” Snider said. 

For video highlights, click here!

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