School Health Services

School health services are provided in schools to promote a healthy learning environment. School nurses work with primary providers by encouraging students to seek and maintain appropriate life-long wellness care.

The office of the school nurse is equipped with basic first aid supplies to cover minor injuries and discomforts and allow students to continue with their school day uninterrupted.

Professional nursing staff in the offices provide assessment and decision-making for more extensive medical issues, then either call a parent, assist a child to contact their health care provider, or call the rescue squad depending upon the urgency of the need.

Nurses administer routine medications to students whose parent has signed a permission form and has brought in the medication.

School nurses provide these basic services to students:

  • Assess and evaluate student health
  • Direct screenings for vision and hearing
  • Maintain accurate records of required immunizations and physical examinations
  • Facilitate communication of food allergy information to school staff
  • Serve as Student/Parent-School Personnel liaison
  • Provide Family Life Education (elementary)
  • Assist in identification and education of students with special health problems and special education needs
  • Respond to health issues or concerns
    • Child neglect and abuse
    • Substance abuse
    • Nutritional concerns
    • Teen pregnancy
  • Provide programs for the prevention and control of disease
  • Coordinate health services with health education and community agencies
  • Assume the responsibility for assessment and triage of sick and injured children and staff
  • Observe school facilities and recommend modifications necessary to maintain optimum health and safety of students and school personnel
  • Participate in school staff and administrative activities
  • Design and monitor individual student medical safety plans
  • Assist with education of staff and caregivers of chronic health care issues and emergency situations (i.e. blood borne pathogens, asthma, seizures
  • Collaborate with other school professionals, parents, and caregivers to meet the health, developmental, and educational needs of students
  • Serve on the crisis response team at each building

School Nurses

Jouett Elementary School

Melissa Adams

[email protected]

Moss-Nuckols Elementary School

Tabitha Smith

[email protected]

Thomas Jefferson Elementary School

Robin Moore

[email protected]

Trevilians Elementary School

Jessica Barlow

b[email protected]

Louisa County Middle School

Joy Smith

[email protected]

Louisa County High School

Mazie Rowe

r[email protected]

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